John is a leading expert in the workplace requirements for health professionals having worked on a number of significant projects in Australia and overseas.

Gender Equality Studies

John has been working with Graeme Russell to deliver a range of gender equality projects including WiSPP & WGEA

Education & Research

John is a leading expert in the research and education environments, working across the region providing strategic design advice including The Learning Hub, Adelaide, UTS Masterplan

Our PhilosophyAbout SocioDesign

SocioDesign is a specialist consultancy practice focused on providing stakeholder engagement and briefing services that draw on social science disciplines to gain a deep understanding of user requirements.

I work in close partnership with design practices, contributing social insights that help support and shape the working practices of the people who will eventually occupy those spaces. The purpose of the collaboration is to provide bespoke solutions that support organisational aspirations, particularly in terms of culture and working practice.

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Our ApproachAbout SocioDesign

My approach is to brief these spaces from ‘first principles’ perspective supports the existing activities but is cognisant of potential growth. My approach to the briefing process and stakeholder management process draws on Appreciative Inquiry which, instead of simply focusing on the building, we focus on the practices that the building needs to support.

This approach focuses stakeholders on what they need to achieve future successes and doesn’t simply deliver a solution for today but creates the conditions for future success.

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